Step 3

Add shipping and payment methods

Add shipping and payments methods so your customers can make orders.

Shipping methods

Go to Settings > Shipping > Add shipping method

You can choose the shipping type:

  • Domestic and international delivery
  • Provider
  • Click & Collect

When customers will place an order, they will see the delivery methods you added in the checkout page (during order finalization):

This way, you will always know which delivery method your customer has chosen.

Payment methods

Go to Settings > Payments > Add a payment method

Payments gateways

Payments gateways are the most convenient payment method. Thanks to them your customers will be able to instantly pay for their orders.

In Settings > Payments > Add a payment method choose a preferred payment gateway and click Enable. 

Fill in the required information and at the end save the changes.

Each payment method should be connected with at least one delivery method, if not all.

Remember that you need to create an account and sign an agreement with the chosen payment gateway provider.

Additional payment methods.

You may also add additional payments methods like:

  • Traditional transfer
  • Payment upon pickup
  • Cash on delivery

In your dashboard go to Settings > Payments > Add a payment method > Custom payment method

Fill in the name and the message customers will receive after completing a purchase and connect this payment method with at least one delivery method. Click on Save.


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