Step 4

Add domain and an SSL certificate


Each store has a shoplo domain by default:
If you have your own domain you may add it in your dashboard.

In order to do this, you need to properly redirect your domain on your domain provider account.  You just need to redirect record A to the IP address: Please note that you can not redirect DNS (for example NS1, NS2). Shoplo is not a domain registrar. Remember to redirect also your page with www on the beginning. So both addresses would work: and

The next step you should do in your Shoplo dashboard.

Go to Settings > Domains > Add domain > I have my own domain. Add in here your domain.

Domain propagation may take up to 48H.

SSL Certificate 

At Shoplo you can activate an SSL certificate for your own domain in all plans. If you need to do so, please write to us via the contact form.

Cost is 99 PLN net. This certificate is paid one time and it doesn’t need renewal.

Note: due to numerous complications, we do not attach external certificates (purchased outside of Shoplo).


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